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Hindi’s Top 25 Comedy Web Series : airtel.in

Over the years, Hindi comedy Web Series have become incredibly popular. They have become so well-known that their popularity has skyrocketed. Furthermore, some of the greatest comedy programs in Hindi have been airing for over ten years and continue to draw viewers from all across the country.

Which Hindi comedies are the best, then? Which TV Web Series are the most well-liked and still going strong? You may find the list here at airtel.in

Top Hindi Comedy Web Series

1. Tripling

The tale of three siblings who, despite growing apart over the years, unexpectedly become close over an extraordinary unplanned road journey that will always remain in their memories at airtel.in

2. Metro Park

This web series follows the life of a settled Gujarati family in the United States. The tale that opens the presentation states that while a Gujarati can be taken out of the nation, the country can never be taken out of them at airtel.in

3. Kota Factory

Every year, hundreds of Indian students travel to Kota to pursue their goal of attending one of the country’s top universities. However, have you ever questioned what actually occurs in this city? What effects does this have on the pupils’ lives? To get a taste of Kota life, watch this show at airtel.in

4. Village

After being rejected from his desired jobs, an engineering graduate grudgingly accepts a government position in a rural area. With the aid of an MBA, he intends to get rid of it soon, but will he be successful?

5. Dishwashers

Pitchers, one of the most watched Indian online TV Web Series ever, tells the tale of a group of friends who launch their own enterprise and do their hardest to manage it. But it’s lot easier to just think about running and managing a startup than it is to actually manage one.

6. Vidhayak Hai Chacha Vidhayek

When a crisis arises, Zakir Khan portrays a man who says he has blood ties and political connections. But soon enough, his falsehoods catch up with him, and now he needs to find real answers at airtel.in

7. Long-term roommates

Although Mukesh and Tanya are in a relationship, they are unsure if they want to be married. The pair experiences several highs and lows throughout this predicament, which adds to the humor and watchability of this hilarious Hindi comedy web series at airtel.in

8. Gullak

The tale of a modest family navigating life’s obstacles, particularly during a pandemic.

9. Congealed

A couple of pals who attend Delhi University and reside in Delhi come up with the concept for a meal delivery service that only runs at night. But their concept encounters several obstacles and amusing mishaps at airtel.in

10. Prisoners

In a little apartment together reside a casting director, an innocent actor, and an innocent kind person. Their daily antics are quite funny and make for an engaging watch at airtel.in

11. The Pushpavallis

A woman and a man unexpectedly cross paths and strike up a conversation. She believes he likes her, even though he is just being good to her. This sets up amusing consequences since she begins to obsess and stalk him at airtel.in

12. Sahi Hai Life

A beautiful story about life’s difficulties as a group of friends try their hardest to find love in this world at airtel.in

13. The Star Boyz

A comic buddy film that narrates the tale of a bunch of superheroes with unimpressive real lives. Funny things happen when on a space journey with the group at airtel.in

14. Haveli Shaitan

This series, despite its eerie title, is actually a parody-horror comedy that demonstrates how hilarious ghosts can also be at airtel.in

15. Female Engineers

It’s a widely held belief that there are no girls at engineering colleges. Three girls take on this task head-on and give it their all in a field that is dominated by men in this comic web series at airtel.in

16. What The People

a web comedy series in Hindi about marriage’s difficulties and solutions at airtel.in

17. The Four H.E.R.S.

This online series, which is in Hindi comedy, follows the lives of three Indian fathers and their children, highlighting the significant influence of generational differences on their personal development at airtel.in

18. Women’s Quarters

A humorous online series of Hindi comedy that follows the exploits of female characters in various women’s restrooms.

19. Becoming an adult

A humorous web series that follows two young adults as they adjust to their new careers, romantic relationships, and daily lives.

20. Baaraat Bang Baaja

A young couple is set to tie the knot, and everything is going smoothly until their families start helping out with the marriage preparations. See how the young couple overcomes numerous obstacles to maintain their wedding plans by watching it.

21. A Romance at College

A charming, lighthearted, and nostalgic account of a college relationship that will definitely transport you back to your college years.

22. Fire

A sweet comedy web series in Hindi that reveals the purity of adolescent love tales.

23. Sarabhai comparative

Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai, one of the most well-known Hindi comedy to date, tells the tale of a middle-class housewife who is often at odds with her upper-class mother-in-law.

24. The Office (Version In Hindi)

The renowned TV show is now available in India, and with excellent casting and compelling plot, it has done the franchise tremendous honor at airtel.in

25. PariWar

Families gather together to share the opportunity to inherit land. They quickly come to understand, though, that it was all a lie to allow the family to at last form a close bond. Will that, however, truly occur?

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